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Howard Aaron Aronow, MD

Headache & Pain Management

Howard Aaron Aronow, MD was honored by the American Health Council as “America’s Best Doctor” for his contributions to the medical field. An associate professor in clinical neurology at the University of Southern California School of Medicine, Dr. Aronow teaches general neurology to medical students and consults with patients who experience chronic pain, headaches and other neurological conditions. Since entering the healthcare industry nearly 32 years ago, Dr. Aronow has garnered comprehensive skills and knowledge in medicine and HIV/AIDS including neurology research in addition to delivering high-quality patient care.

Areas of Expertise

Neurological Complications of HIV, Headache & Pain Management

In addition to his extensive clinical experience, Dr. Aronow is an expert in the field of neurological AIDS research. He is the co-investigator on numerous studies researching the neurological effects of HIV on various populations. He was also a researcher for the Bronx Aging and Dementia Study and the country’s first AIDS Clinical Trials Group. Dr. Aronow was a member of the world’s first NeuroAIDS Study Group.

Areas of Expertse

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